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Gospelcaster is an online platform that seeks to restore the lost template of true and balanced Christianity. Even when the amount of teachings, books, and meetings that makes the rounds across Christendom today, you will find out upon close analysis that we are actually far from the reality of the gospel. 

We can attribute this backdrop to the lack of accurate teachings and scripture-based doctrine. This is what Gospelcaster is about. We are striving to ensure that the least among us becomes as strong as David and to do this we must go back to the place of word-based Christianity not something inspired by the lust and greed of men. 

In order to actualize the goal of establishing the believer through writings, there would be publications on this website ranging from articles to Christian book reviews by Christian book reviewers to stories from the lives of Biblical characters to Bible exposition and exhortation to sermons and a little of music. 

We intend that our readers are fed with the sincere milk of God's word in what ever form we believe would make that happen. It is our earnest desire that not only would we know the things that has been giving to us for life and godliness according to 1 Peter, we would walk in them. 

This is possible because the goal of the teaching ministry is to bring the believer into the experiential reality of the gospel of Christ. And as we teach in writings, sermons, music, and so on, we trust God to help us walk in the realities of the things we teach. Amen

Also, looking at the media, you will see that there is not so much of the gospel that makes the rounds. I would not be far from the truth if I say that the things most media houses promote and publish are far from the truth and often times targeted at misrepresenting the church. 

In lieu of this, Gospelcaster is a media publishing company, that seeks to represent Christ in the purest, undiluted form possible. So that the world will no longer continue to have a myopic view of Jesus Christ and the Christian Faith. 

It would not be bad if an unbeliever or atheist stumbles on this blog and believes in the Son of the Living God. The gospel of Christ must be preached to all men and this blog will serve as a witness to the nations. 

The summary of what we do here on Gospelcaster is Everything Christianity. 

The actual essence of true Christianity is what we seek to establish here on Gospelcaster. 

At the moment, we have the following categories to help you navigate through the very enriching contents we upload on Gospelcaster.

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Do well to spread the word about Gospelcaster. You would be fulfilling a part of evangelism (hahaha).