Saturday, January 2, 2021

GREAT NEWS! Koinonia Is Coming To Abuja

Eternity Network International (ENI), Zaria popularly known as Koinonia has announced they will be in Abuja. 

Koinonia in Abuja

The ministry which was founded in Zaria, Kaduna state by Apostle Joshua Selman announced via their social media platforms that they will be setting camp in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. 

Koinonia with Apostle Joshua Selman has blessed the lives of millions of people all over the world and news of its extension to Abuja has been greeted by all with much enthusiasm.

A lot of people whose lives have been blessed by the ministry of apostle Joshua Selman and Koinonia have often beckoned on Apostle to set up camp in Abuja and other states in the country. 

2021 could not have had a better start than the announcement of Koinonia in Abuja. 

Koinonia is a weekly meeting held every Friday in Zaria, Kaduna State where the ministry started. 

It features worship, prayer, and intimacy with the spirit. AJS as Apostle Joshua Selman is fondly called teaches God's word with simplicity and the demonstration of power. 

The sick get healed and people with diverse forms of oppression are liberated. Fridays at Koinonia in Zaria are usually jammed with thousands of people. 

With Koinonia in Abuja, there is every possibility that separates days in the week will be chosen to run services. 

One day for Koinonia in Zaria and another day for Koinonia in Abuja. 

Apostle Joshua Selman will have to run two services, shuttling between Kaduna and Abuja week in week out to hold Koinonia services. 

The location, time, and date have been communicated. Koinonia Abuja will be held at Chida Event Center, plot 224 Solomon Lar way, Utako District, Abuja . 

The time for Koinonia Abuja will be 5:00pm on Sundays. 

More information will be published here when an update comes from Eternity Network International (ENI). 

Till then, let's cheer and pray that God will make every resource available for Koinonia in Abuja. 

Below are screenshots of the announcement posted via Koinonia's social media platforms.

Koinonia Abuja


The time for Koinonia in Abuja is Sundays by 5pm
And venue is Chida Event Center, plot 224 Solomon Lar way, Utako District, Abuja.

Koinonia in Abuja

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